What We Do

Direct Services

We  collaborate with indigent criminal defense teams on cases where social history and mental health investigations impact sentencing decisions while directing resources into communities most affected by death penalty prosecutions. We work primarily on death penalty cases and additionally serve as mitigation specialists on high-impact, non-capital cases.

In accordance with ABA Guidelines, CRI leads an exhaustive process involving record collection and multiple, in-person, face-to-face conversations with everyone who carries a piece of our clients’ story. CRI has also investigated fair-trial issues in global extradition proceedings.

Training and Support

CRI provides resources and support to attorneys, mitigation specialists and others who dedicate themselves to capital defense.  We conduct trainings, consult with attorneys and investigators and collaborate with artists and educators. CRI additionally runs an annual internship and mentorship program for students.


Through our work on behalf of people facing execution, we have developed high impact initiatives designed to strengthen families and communities impacted by death penalty prosecutions and combat individual risk factors associated with incarceration.  Our initiatives include a literacy initiative, Reading Across the Lines; a music mentorship program for youth, Music for the Masses; and a Family Services Initiative.