Kyle Earley

Kyle Earley joined CRI in 2016 as a Mitigation Specialist. He conducts investigative research, record collection, and develops social histories on behalf of men and women facing the death penalty. Kyle has a BA in Communications with a minor in History. Prior to joining CRI, Kyle worked as a Trial Assistant at the Law Offices of Jack Earley.

Michelle Gaudet

Michelle joined CRI in 2011 as a Mitigation Specialist.  She collaborates on social history, mental health and fair trial investigation in an effort to improve the legal standard of care for men and women facing the death penalty.  Much of her work has focused on working with individuals who fled or were forcibly displaced from Central America and Mexico.  She holds a BA in International Studies from George Washington University.

Anthony Ginez

Anthony joined CRI in 2012 as the Director of Programs. He has since taken on a dual role of overseeing CRI’s operations and conducting direct service investigations as a Mitigation Specialist. Anthony has a BA in Urban Studies and Planning from San Francisco State University and much of his work has focused on documenting how culture, history, politics and ecology impact outcomes of our clients. Prior to joining CRI, Anthony was working with youth and families in Visitacion Valley in southeast San Francisco.

Santiago Piñeros

Santiago joined CRI in the summer of 2017.  He has a law degree from the University of Colombia, Bogota and specialized in environmental law and human rights. Prior to joining CRI, Santiago worked as a legal advisor and researcher for various NGOs.

Scarlet Nerad

Scarlet has been mitigating on behalf of men and women facing the death penalty for over 20 years. She co-founded CRI in 2007 to continue to investigate death penalty cases at the trial and post conviction level and train others while creating and developing initiatives designed to combat risk factors in children we now recognize left our condemned most at risk for incarceration.

Lorena Rodriguez

Lorena joined CRI in early 2020 as a Mitigator. She holds an M.A. in International Studies from ICU in Tokyo, Japan and specialized in security, identity, and religion. Before joining CRI, she worked as a researcher for the High Commissioner for Peace in Colombia and various NGOs.

Jade Romain

Jade joined CRI in December 2019 as a Mitigation Specialist. She graduated from Teachers College, Columbia University with a Masters in Communication Sciences & Disorders. Through her work as a Speech Language Pathologist, Jade realized that when humans are denied the opportunity to use their voices to express their desires or ideas, it is not uncommon for conflict to arise in their lives. Thus, she has been able to deepen her knowledge and clinician skills on communication deficits related to individuals who are incarcerated.

Lily Sorrentino

Lily Sorrentino graduated from Trinity University in 2019 with a B.A in Sociology. Prior to joining CRI as a permanent staff mitigator in August 2019, Lily was an intern and independent contractor for CRI beginning in 2017.

Harriet Storm

Harriet joined CRI in December 2018 as a mitigation specialist with the aim of using her background in written and filmic storytelling to craft narratives that not only challenge the death penalty but also affirm the value of human life.

Robbie Zheng

Robbie joined CRI in 2018. Prior to joining, he had been involved in several community non-profits across the Bay Area. Robbie is a UC Berkeley Alumnus. In addition to mitigation investigation, Robbie is the caretaker of CRI’s office plants.