Raina Celnik, Director of Operations/Mitigation Specialist

Raina Celnik joined CRI in 2012 as the Administrative Coordinator. In 2013 Raina’s role expanded to overseeing the operations and assisting in investigations. Raina has a BA in English Literature from UC Berkeley and an MA in English Literature from San Francisco State University. Prior to joining CRI, Raina worked as an educator in Richmond, California.

Kyle Earley, Director of Records/Mitigation Specialist

Kyle Earley joined CRI in 2016 as a Mitigation Specialist. He conducts investigative research and develops social histories on behalf of men and women facing the death penalty. Kyle has a BA in Communications with a minor in History. Prior to joining CRI, Kyle worked as a Trial Assistant at the Law Offices of Jack Earley.

Michelle Gaudet, Artistic Director/Mitigation Specialist

Michelle joined CRI in 2011 as a Mitigation Specialist.  She collaborates on social history, mental health and fair trial investigations in an effort to improve the standard of care for men and women facing the death penalty and other draconian measures.  Prior to joining CRI, Michelle collaborated on the legal defense of immigrants facing banishment from the United States.

Santiago Piñeros, Director of Global Mitigation

Santiago joined CRI in the summer of 2017.  He has a law degree from the University of Colombia, Bogota and specialized in environmental law and human rights. Prior to joining CRI, Santiago worked as a legal advisor and researcher for various NGOs.

Anthony Ginez, Acting Director/Mitigation Specialist

Anthony Ginez joined CRI in 2012 as the Director of Programs. He has since taken on a dual role of overseeing all of CRI’s initiatives and conducting direct service mitigation investigation. Anthony has a BA in Urban Studies and Planning from San Francisco State University. Prior to joining CRI, Anthony was working with youth and families in Visitacion Valley in southeast San Francisco.

Scarlet Nerad, Executive Director/Mitigation Specialist

Scarlet has been mitigating on behalf of men and women facing the death penalty for over 20 years. She co-founded CRI in 2007 to continue to investigate death penalty cases at the trial and post conviction level and train others while creating and developing initiatives designed to combat risk factors in children we now recognize left our condemned most at risk for incarceration.

Anna Tumlinson, Chief Financial Officer Operations

Anna Tumlinson joined CRI in 2017 and has a BS in Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration.  Prior to CRI, Anna had a successful career in engineering and decided to change focus and do more to give back to society. Since then, she has worked with nonprofits in many capacities all over the world and currently oversees the finance and operations at CRI.

Travaughn Williams, Administrative Coordinator and Archival Analyst

Travaughn Williams joined CRI in 2013 as an intern and was later hired to provide administrative and programmatic support. Travaughn has since transitioned into supporting CRI with his expertise in the art of analyzing archival data.